City life vs. Country living

City life vs. Country living

I’ve been thinking about moving out of the city and moving to the country. There’s something that’s always appealed to me about leaving all the trappings of a hectic urban lifestyle and returning to a simpler, more down-to-earth way of living.

But what would I be giving up if I did this (if anything?) Would I find myself bored to tears, or would I find myself relishing the peace and quiet?

City life:

  • Accessibility to healthcare, amenities, arts and culture
  • Walkability
  • Social life and feeling of being around other people
  • Seagulls, crows, squirrels, and occasionally 
  • Ocean breezes and smells
  • Oak trees, maple trees
  • Higher cost of living, often much higher
  • Noise, dust, pollution
  • Higher crime rates

Country life:

  • Lower cost of living, often significantly lower
  • Peace and quiet
  • Lots of space to do the things I’ve always wanted to do
  • Potentially colder

  • City life vs. Country living

City life
– facilities
– amenities
– parks and rec
– shopping, restaurants, libraries, people, community, movies, theater